’s Jedi-Con 2004 Costume Gallery

    Jedi-Con 2004: The Holocron Adventure was a sci-fi convention honouring all aspects of the Star Wars Universe. Held in Düsseldorf, Deutschland 9.11. April, 2004, the convention hosted numerous fan groups, over a dozen Star Wars Celebrities, dealer rooms, an art room, entertainment, presentations, and of course, droves of costumed fans. The following gallery […]

Upgraded three Aspects of my Imperial Knight Suit

47 For New York Comic Con 2009, I upgraded three aspects of my Imperial Knight suit; 1. New cape with twice the fabric for a more dramatic flow. 2. Resewed the undertop to better disperse body heat. 3. Removed magnets on chest armour and replaced with hinge and cotter pin system for more secure closure. […]

Imperial Knight Ganner Krieg

Imperial Knight Ganner Krieg, costume project inspired by Star Wars Legacy character designed by Jan Duursema costume created and modeled by Thomas J. Spanos Thursday, 24 December, 2009 20:25 • assignments and commendations; [click here] • field documentation; • armour construction images; • costume design and progress art; Ganner Krieg—Knight of the Empire! Ganner Krieg […]

Darth Bane; Command and Conquer

  costume created and modeled by Thomas J. Spanos Wednesday, 12 November, 2008 0:49 01. Dark Horse Comics, Star Wars: Legacy 5, October, 2006;02. Rebelscum’s 10th annual internet costume contest, October 2008 My costume’s first appearance occurred before it was even complete. By pure coincidence, I happened to be discussing my new costume project with […]

Asajj Ventress

058 Born on Rattatak, Asajj Ventress was no stranger to violence. By the will of the Force alone, the Jedi Ky Narec discovered Asajj and helped her to realize her Force potential. Together Asajj and Narec worked to bring peace to Rattatak. However, Narec’s assignation caused the young Asajj to seek vengence in the blood […]

Dragon Con, Atlanta, Georgia, 30th of August, 2003

092 The model and creator of this body glove mentioned that the seams of the suit were “welded”, as opposed to sewn, together. Very well crafted indeed. SL1876 and DZ1876 proud member of the 501st Star Wars Costuming Legion, and The Midwest Garrison, local chapter for a brief and magical moment, each year belongs to […]

Ode to the Clone Emperor

Ode to the Clone Emperor O Below are images links to sketches from my journal and progress photos of my interpretation of the Emperor Reborn. action figure reference first lightsabre sketches lightsabre and tunic sketches full costume sketch make-up test 1 make-up test 2 EL blade test holocron sketch finished sabre scan costume details sketch […]

Le Peintre Nat

Le Peintre Nato 1325 by 350 pixels Image created with Poser 4 and Photoshop in honour of the Parisian artist. 20 September 1999 by Thomas J. Spanos Le Peintre Nato, your happening has meant much to me. Your festival, Art Et Absence D’Habits, exposed ideas new to me and introduced me to artists from around […]