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MMVIII Paralada.org gallery additions;

21. 12. 2008 He is such a card

Much to my surprise (and delight) I learned that artist Joe Corroney has used my costumed appearance as both Imperial Knight Ganner Krieg and DURGE in two of his artist sketch cards in the Topps Star Wars Galaxy Trading Card Series 4. Read more here and here.

07. 12. 2008 Celtic Dragon
With the advent of the Winter months, I can take a breather from costume creation and refocus my attentions to other pursuits. This is an excellent moment to share my belated gallery for Dragon*Con 2008;
link to Dragon*Con 2008 costume gallery
As my favourite convention of the year, I put a little more into the making of my Dragon*Con gallery. Enjoy.

After nearly a two year absence, Dragon*Con 2008 saw the return of The Clone Emperor. (I was repairing the suit between projects.) In a tymely coincidence, I am pleased to announce my appearance has has been used as reference for a second offical Star Wars product. This tyme on toy packaging. Read more here.

11. 11. 2008 swarm
I have been working on several projects at once. For now, I would like to share the most recent progress on my Darth Bane costume;
link to Darth Bane costume gallery

17. 07. 2008 in secret
Before I disappear completely into the industry of my secret costume project, I would like to share images from Wizard World Chicago 2008.Still working on the captions, but they are coming.
link to Wizard World 2008 costume gallery

03. 06. 2008 overgrown
I really do need to tend my garden with more frequency. I put together a gallery for the costumes I encountered on my April trip to New York’s 2008 Comic Con, but it is lacking the amount of commentary I would like. Hopefully, I will find tyme to fill it out before my next big show;
link to New York Comic Con 2008 costume gallery

Also, I am tickled to report that the costume I created after the character whose likeness I served as the model for, is now being used as reference for that character’s costume. It is OK, I am confused too. Read more in the Imperial Knight Ganner Krieg gallery.

14. 04. 2008 I let them out, woof, woof, woof, woof.
I had spent too much tyme working on my costumes and not enough tyme enjoying the art itself. When a nice airfare became available, I decided to attend Jedi-Con 2008 in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was really nice to visit with my friends in the European costuming community;
link to Jedi-Con 2008 costume gallery

11. 03. 2008 Hunts and Bounties
Last year I entered The Boba Fett Fan Club’s 2007 Costume Contest. The results came in this morning and I am honoured to say that I have received my first “Best of Show” award for my DURGE costume.
17. 02. 2008 Pinocchio in reverse
With the public preview of Hasbro’s most recent products at the 2008 New York Toyfare, I can finally reveal some exciting news of my own; Imperial Knight Ganner Krieg in action.

I sorely need to redesign my dear galleries. Perhaps in this year, 2008.
Be well.

Wow, I guess I have been doing this for a while:
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The ancient philosophers and alchemists considered all matter to be composed of the five elements; earth, water, fire, air and aether. The embodiment of an element, the pure substance made flesh, is known as an elemental. Earth begets Gnomes or Dwarves, water creates Undines or Merfolk, fyre spawns Salamanders, and air gives rise to Sylphs.Aether is regarded as life itself and therefore does not generate an elemental form.

Each elemental class is said to be governed by a unique ruler. As the mysteries teach the king of the Sylphs is named Paralda or Paralada.

Since I first learned of the elementals I have felt a certain kinship with the elemental of air –the Sylph. The Sylph is associated with tranquility, flights of fancy, and inspiration. I endeavor to provide some semblance of the same within this site. [To learn more about elemental relationships, select the Ayurvedic Hand at the top of this page.]

ORG or “not for profit ORGanization”
This is my first web project. Initially I had registered this domain name as Paralada.com. Afterwards I came across a document defining the various suffixes in use in today’s Internet. The ubiquitous .COM designates a commercial venture. This web gallery was not conceived with the intent of financial gain. Forsooth, I felt strongly that a .com designation would detract from the idea of this site. For this reason I contacted my service provider directly and had the registration changed to Paralada.org.

ORG designates a nonprofit Organization and is more in the spirit of what I would like to achieve with this project. Above all Paralada.org is a vehicle with which I can share art work and dreams. It would happy me much if the contents of this web project should inspire the good folk who visited this domain.

The Contents of Paralada.org
This home page will lead the willing to galleries, thoughts, dreams and other projects that I am in the midst of creating. Miniature worlds, if you will, all in varying states of completion. Here change and growth are constant, inevitable, and healthy. To be sure, no one element in this site can ever truly be complete.


In Paralada.org’s current incarnation there are five divisions;

[ House of Boots ]
Modest offerings on the topic of the kook behind this web presence. Also a burgeoning repository of costumed revelry.

[ The Puzzle Project ]
The impetus behind the birth of this sight, The Puzzle Projectrepresents a unique gallery show casing the works of more than a hundred individuals

[ Elementary ]
A personal collection of signs and relationships concerning Western elemental philosophy

[ Alexandrallerie ]
The continually growing gallery for my companion’s work

[ 11th ]
Dreams of everything else

Shh. This will be the secret resting place of the Hart.
This page evolved on Friday, 02.01.2009 13:10 during the Holocene Epoch,
of the Quaternary Period, of the Cenozoic Era, of the Phanerozoic Eon.

Be well.

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