Chicago Hunger Walk 2003

2003 Chicago Hunger Walk

21st of June, 2003. The links below lead to digital images taken at the 2003 Hunger Walk, a good will benefit held in Chicago, Illinois. Conscientious citizens participated in a 3 mile walk along the city’s lake front to raise funds for the needy. Members of the Midwest Garrison, the local chapter of the 501st Star Wars costuming community were on hand, providing entertainment at the event’s staging area.

Midwest Garrison (select members)
01 MWG group photo I
02 blaster or blade?
03 Lord Vader venting
04 the bounty on this one is high
05 Sith Lord enjoying the lake shore
06 MWG group photo II (buckets on)
07 MWG group photo II (buckets off)
08 Chicago Skyline and SW fans
09 Does the pain fade with tyme?

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We’ll gladly encase ourselves in plastic for the good of the Community.
Thursday, 17 July, 2003 17:43

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