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2004 Chicago Hunger Walk

19th of June, 2004. The 2004 19th annual Chicago Hunger Walk, was a fundraiser organized in conjunction with the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Members of the Midwest Garrison, (the local chapter of the 501st Star Wars costuming community), deployed in force to entertain participants and generate awareness for this worthy cause.

Hunger Walk orientation
01 An officer and a walker

02 Qunicy in clone casual
03 Details of a Sand Trooper
04 Imperials who need Imperials
05 Defensive formation
06 MWG group photo I (buckets on)
07 MWG group photo I (buckets off)
after operations fun
08 MWG group photo II (beach side)
09 The Clone Emperor Lifeguard
10 Raiding Party
11 Dessert patrol
12 Troopers with wheels
13 Friends of the Empire

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Notes and images regarding the construction of the Clone Emperor regalia can be found in;

The Clone Emperor’s Gallery

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“No, he’s the Clone Emperor, a character from the Expanded Universe.
OK. He’s a vampyre.

Monday, 28 June, 2004 19:25

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