Dragon Con 2003 costume Gallery

I am Thomas, and I attended this gathering from Thirst Day, 28th of August to Moons Day, 1st of September, 2003, in Atlanta, Georgia, (US.)

The magnitude of this sci-fi convention was on an order greater than any I had previously experienced. Dragon Con distinguishes itself from other such fairs with its nonstop 24-hour flow of events, music, dance, and revelry. And the revelers come in costume.

Hundreds of masqueraiders, each outfit more bizarre and creative than the last. As a spectacle it is mesmerizing. As a experience, Dragon Con is unforgettable.

The following gallery focuses on costumed participants from Dragon Con 2003. Paired down from 300 digital images, these portraits offer but a glimpse of those in attendance. Hint; when ever you see pirates, be sure to mouse over their images.

Thirst Day, 28th of August, 2003
000 a chance encounter
001 First catch of the day
002 Colonial Marine’s 2 most important combat accessories
003 It’s all Black and White to me
004 Your store needs some Mojo Nixon
005 The Clone Emperor, dueling practice
Fyres Day, 29th of August, 2003
006 Colonial Marine
007 Where are my notes?
008 Klingon Calibre
009 Vader Painter
010 Republic Senator Leah
011 Pamela Isley and Annika Hansen
012 Gothic Gal
013 Leather visage
014 New age super hero
015 The Sithvixen and herNimbus 2000
016 Tuberghoul!
017 Jojo; Klingon local colour
018 SNL Klingon
019 Klingon ala mode
020 Klingon crew
021 ¿What do you call two Gungans huddled together?
022 Female enlisted
023 Jocasta Nu and Obi too!
024 Viper pilot
025 A trio of gentlemen
026 A trio of ladies
027 Defense Corps and the help
028 Dawn before Darkness
029 It is not easy
030 Tie pilots
031 A dermatologist’s nightmare
032 Biowear
033 Transitional clothing
034 When the fishing is good
Satyrs Day, 30th of August, 2003
035 Light and Dark
036 Jedi Vince and Queen Quincy
037 The Toxic Avenger cleans up
038 Verdant Jedi
039 ¿Who is Shi?
040 Imperial Scouts off duty
041 Costs of being a Witch
042 Twi’lek dancer Amy
043 Tomb Raider Gretchen
044 80’s celebrity
045 There he is!
046 Jedi Mistress Dragon
047 Winter
048 Frank and friend
049 Bub
050 Parade Vader
051 A very good Fook
052 Vampyre assassin and partner
053 Lightsabre tastes
054 Jedi Pair
055 Lexx cast members
056 TC6314
057 A strange visitor from another planet
058 Its the Zombienator
059 Solid Sith
060 Cobra Alley Viper and Baroness
061 The Empire wants you
062 The Captain was here
063 The Captain that was almost caught
064 Trooper Love
065 Imperial Special Ops
066 Original copy
067 Homewrecking Ogress
068 The Emperor’s Hand and Prey
069 Predator with breath mask
070 Miss Edith’s guardian
071 Olde blue eyes, 2065
072 All the beauty of the Rainbow
073 An unlikely pairing
074 ¿who needs colour correction?
075 Conflicting views on arborcide
076 The lovely ladies of Mordor
077 The call of the Uruk-hai
078 Nomi Sunrider and Karnonos
079 501st casual
080 Brim of Death
081 Where the King is now
082 ¿How would you like your stake?
083 Bop um bop bop
084 Green Raider and Aphrodite IX
085 Should have taken the blue pill
086 Ah. Ah.
087 Batgirl does the “Batusi”
088 Never tell me the odds
089 Velveteen witches
090 Imperial beatdown
091 Jedi Shannon
092 ¿Another strange visitor?
093 Cobra cares
094 Crawler of night
095 Web slinger
096 Video game divas
097 The biggest pair I have ever seen
098 The bitter writer, the sweet thing, and the Daywalker
099 Black death meets a Darkwood elf
100 Steven Grant Rodgers
101 2nd Lt. K’naDz vestai-Veska, I presume
102 I think this android is flipping me the byrd
103 Leia’s “X”
104 Ninth metal harness bearer
105 Warrior Princess
106 Elvish basics
107 Just forget about the romantic moonlit stroll
108 X family reunion
109 Spooky little bat
110 When the new version is classic
111 Did someone just say “Ni?”
112 In service of the Empire
113 Middle Earth Escort Service
114 Lord Ramirez
115 Justice League delegates
116 The Empress
117 The Falleen Prince
118 The Boy Wonder
119 Earnest Undead
120 Guess which one is the Baritone
121 High stakes Imperial rivalry
122 Let’s play baseball, you be the ball
123 Droning bravely on
124 Mr. Cool
Sons Day, 31st of August, 2003
125 Dark Leia
126 That’s “9D9” in hexadecimal
127 Leader and Ace with a cause
128 Jedi Karma
129 The Knight in shinning amour that the fellows dream about
130 Winsome vendor
131 Yellow, the new colour for courage
132 You know what they say about men with big feets
133 Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather
134 Officers only
135 1 of 2 Sandmen
136 Garrison pride
137 Another cruel Sith endurance test
138 Army builders
139 Hey man nice shot.
140 Family reunion portrait
141 ¿Is Godzilla out of camera view?
142 Answer to He-Man for young ladies
143 SWCII reunion
144 Future is so bright we gotta wear shades
145 The new face of pest control
146 Crusader and golden Jedi
147 Army of One
148 A sly Seeker

My Dragon Con 2003 avatara, in order of appearance;

The Clone Emperor
The Green Man
Prince Xizor

1. If you would like to republish images from this gallery,
or if you or someone you know has been presented in this gallery,
3. or if you have constructive comments on the contents featured in this gallery that you would like to share,
please feel free to contact me at this address; paralada@aol.com

SL1876 and DZ1876
proud member of the 501st Star Wars Costuming Legion,
and The Midwest Garrison, local chapter

for a brief and magical moment, each year belongs to the Dragon
Sunday, 28 March, 2004 21:36

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