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Star Wars Celebration III was the third in a series of conventions heralding the release of the final three episodes in the the Star Wars Saga. Upwards from 40,000 participants reveled for four days and nights (the 21st to the 24th of April, 2005) in the Indianapolis Convention Centre, Indiana.

For me, this convention was a homecoming of sorts. Star Wars Celebration II had been my first convention and, for better or worse, my first venture into the realms of costuming and props. Star Wars Celebration III was a chance to meet with friends olde and new that I had encountered in my costuming experiences.

The following galleries focus on fan arts and costumes at the 2005 Star Wars Celebration III. All images taken by my friend Patrick Riley and myself. Enjoy.


My Star Wars Celebration III 2005 costumes;

The Emperor Reborn
The Clone Emperor
The Supreme Falleen
Prince Xizor

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