Star Wars Con 2002, Deutschland

Star Wars Con Deutschland 2002

29th of November–1st of December, 2002. The links below lead to digital photographs taken at the Star Wars Con De 2002, a fan convention in Hamburg, Germany. This collection focuses on costumed attendees as well as Star Wars celebrities present.

Star Wars and SW universe celebrities
01 Jerome Blake
02 Paul Blake
03 Alan Harris

04 Michael Sheard, Kenneth Colley,
and Richard LeParmentier
05 Michael Carter
06 Garrick Hagon

07 David Prowse
08 Eric Walker
09 Mike Edmonds

10 Alisa Berk and friend
11 An army of Maul
12 Ray Park

13 John Hollis
14 Snaggletooth
15 Jeremy Bulloch
16 Femi Taylor

17 Peter Mayhew
18 Tim Rose and future bride?
19 Gary Kurzt
Costumed SW fans and creations
20 Imperial Gunner Gordon
21 Tie Pilot Haaem
22 TK 2307
23 Jedi Shaunna
24 Adi Gallia and Mon Mothma I

25 Queen Amidala Marie (black dress)
26 Jedi Coffee Stargazer
27 image of Jedi confidence

28 Boba Fett Eric
29 Rebel General
30 Anakin Skywalker

31 Rebel Prototype Amour Torsten
32 One fine Imperial Guard
33 Mon Mothma II

34 Jedi Illusionists
35 Rebel Trooper and Astromech Unit
36 Jedi do’s and dont’s

37 Han Solo Mio and unexpected guests

38 Jawa Andreas
39 Rebel Pilot Trio
More costumed SW fans and creations
40 Rebel Fleet Trooper Claus and Friend
41 Jedi Miriel Eshara Gondgalen
42 Uncle Clone Emperor and Princess Leia
43 Jedi Padawan Yvonne

44 Padmé Marie fireside dress
45 Casual dress Darth Maul Dirk
46 There can be only two
47 Silent Jedi

48 Figrin D’an
49 Queen Amidala (black dress deluxe)
50 Iridonian Zabrak Jedi and Padawan

51 Darth Maul (work attire)
52 Rebel Troop (Hoth wear)
53 Dark Jedi Ashamt Vir Axo
54 German Garrison Hat Check

55 Young Anakin
56 Imperial Officer Carsten and Lieutenant
57 Rebel Officers

58 Hutt and friend
59 Padmé Tatooine and Chaperone
60 Detention officer (strike a pose!)

61 Imperial Gunner II (3/4 view)
62 Padmé literally beside herself
63 Backstage at a “The Cure” concert
64 Lord Vader
65 X-wing Pilot (laundry day accident)
66 Imperial escort service
67 Helpful Jedi Technician
68 Deadly Jedi Film Critics

69 R2 Unit and Maker Arnd

70 Boda Fett (Spring camouflage)
71 Punk Princess
72 Intergalactic photo opportunity

73 Queen Amidala Isabel (red dress)
Star World Ride, Hamburg Dom
74 Chinese Mandalorian Comrade
75 Yodavader-3PO
76 Astromech, off-road model
77 A: all off the above
78 Three words

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