The Devil went down to Georgia presents: The Devil went down to Georgia Originally conceived as a make-up test with a friend, this project became a fun tribute to the Charlie Daniel’s Band song The Devil went Down to Georgia. [ 6th of June, 2006 (666) images ] [ Dragon*Con Masquerade images ] [ costume progress images ] The Devil […]

Star Wars Celebration III

Star Wars Celebration III was the third in a series of conventions heralding the release of the final three episodes in the the Star Wars Saga. Upwards from 40,000 participants reveled for four days and nights (the 21st to the 24th of April, 2005) in the Indianapolis Convention Centre, Indiana. For me, this convention was […]

5th of May, 2002, Indianapolis

[ back ] [ forth ] 5th of May, 2002, Indianapolis. A small sampling of the participants in the Star Wars Celebration II Costume Contest organized by Anne Brown–thanks Anne. In the foreground is the Medallion given to the winners in each category. These medallions were constructed by Gregg Nowling with relief sculpture by George […]

Asajj Ventress

058 Born on Rattatak, Asajj Ventress was no stranger to violence. By the will of the Force alone, the Jedi Ky Narec discovered Asajj and helped her to realize her Force potential. Together Asajj and Narec worked to bring peace to Rattatak. However, Narec’s assignation caused the young Asajj to seek vengence in the blood […]