Project X; Prince Xizor of the Black Sun

Prince Xizor of the Black Sun Lurking in the Shadows of the Empire, Prince Xizor carefully orchestrated his ascent to power as the leader of the Black Sun crime syndicate. His last known whereabouts were on his personal skyhook, just be before it was blown out of the Coruscant sky. The reports of my death […]

The Devil went down to Georgia presents: The Devil went down to Georgia Originally conceived as a make-up test with a friend, this project became a fun tribute to the Charlie Daniel’s Band song The Devil went Down to Georgia. [ 6th of June, 2006 (666) images ] [ Dragon*Con Masquerade images ] [ costume progress images ] The Devil […]

Im a man of wealth and taste

03 Im a man of wealth and taste Now Joe Lester’s initial sculptures–face, ears, and horns–really come to life. I am amazed by the amount of expression the appliance is capable of communicating. Please allow me to introduce myself, Tuesday, 5 October, 2004 22:09

Star Wars Con Deutschland 2002

Star Wars Con Deutschland 2002 29th of November–1st of December, 2002. The links below lead to digital photographs taken at the Star Wars Con De 2002, a fan convention in Hamburg, Germany. This collection focuses on costumed attendees as well as Star Wars celebrities present. Star Wars and SW universe celebrities 01 Jerome Blake 02 […]

Star Wars Celebration III

Star Wars Celebration III was the third in a series of conventions heralding the release of the final three episodes in the the Star Wars Saga. Upwards from 40,000 participants reveled for four days and nights (the 21st to the 24th of April, 2005) in the Indianapolis Convention Centre, Indiana. For me, this convention was […]

4th of May, 2002, Indianapolis

[ back ] [ forth ] 4th of May, 2002, Indianapolis. Together at last, Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ysanne Isard as portrayed by Martin G. Lorenz and his wife Anja. Though I missed meeting Martin at the convention, he found his way to this gallery and contacted me via e-mail. I really do enjoy meeting […]

5th of May, 2002, Indianapolis

[ back ] [ forth ] 5th of May, 2002, Indianapolis. A small sampling of the participants in the Star Wars Celebration II Costume Contest organized by Anne Brown–thanks Anne. In the foreground is the Medallion given to the winners in each category. These medallions were constructed by Gregg Nowling with relief sculpture by George […]

The Revenge of the Sith Chicago Charity Premiere

Hot on the heels of Star Wars Celebration III, came The Revenge of the Sith Chicago Charity Premiere. Costumed members of the Midwest Garrison were on hand to welcome supporters and fans alike to the Adler Planetarium pre-party. Later in the evening Midwest Garrison officers helped usher attendees to the ROTS Chicago Premiere. Proceeds went […]

Upgraded three Aspects of my Imperial Knight Suit

47 For New York Comic Con 2009, I upgraded three aspects of my Imperial Knight suit; 1. New cape with twice the fabric for a more dramatic flow. 2. Resewed the undertop to better disperse body heat. 3. Removed magnets on chest armour and replaced with hinge and cotter pin system for more secure closure. […]

Asajj Ventress

058 Born on Rattatak, Asajj Ventress was no stranger to violence. By the will of the Force alone, the Jedi Ky Narec discovered Asajj and helped her to realize her Force potential. Together Asajj and Narec worked to bring peace to Rattatak. However, Narec’s assignation caused the young Asajj to seek vengence in the blood […]