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my Ancient Sith lightsabre

The comic series by Tom Veitech inspired my portrayal of the Emperor Reborn. However the lightsabre I created for my vision of this character is not drawn from any of the weapons as described in the pages of the graphic novel. Instead, it is my own design, one I personally feel to be more appropriate for the persona that is Darth Sidious. The Second Clone of the Emperor in Dark Empire is shown to carry a simple cylinder shaped lightsabre — presumably that of a fallen Jedi. (Indeed, the Clone Emperor is forced to use this as the nearest available weapon to defend himself against the rampaging son of Skywalker.) I like to think, that had Darth Sidious the tyme to properly equip himself, he might do so with a weapon such as my Ancient Sith lightsabre. Afterall, Darth Sidious is known to keep secret caches of Sith artifacts and surely these would contain many prized and serviceable lightsabres.

I took these images as part of a set for a lightsabre design contest. I feel that the use of a digital camera has afforded me the best pictures of this piece yet.

Does your knowledge tell you–
–that I have already beaten you?

Sunday, 2 July, 2006 19:25

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