The ancient philosophers and alchemists considered all matter to be composed of the five elements; earth, water, fire, air, and aether. The embodiment of an element, the pure substance made flesh, is known as an elemental. Earth begets Gnomes or Dwarves, water creates Undines or Merfolk, Fyre spawns Salamanders, and air gives rise to Sylphs. Aether is regarded as life itself and therefore does not generate an elemental form.

Each elemental class is said to be governed by a unique ruler. As the mysteries teach the king of the Sylphs is named Paralda or Paralada.

Since I first learned of the elementals I have felt a certain kinship with the elemental of air –the Sylph. The Sylph is associated with tranquility, flights of fancy, and inspiration. I endeavor to provide some semblance of the same within this site. [To learn more about elemental relationships, select the Ayurvedic Hand at the top of this page.]